TwoBirds is the story of a father and his son who moved to Cambodia to pursue their dream of making beer – just like two German birds that migrated South-East during the cold winter months.




The Kirsch family has always worked for breweries, juice companies, coffee roasters, bars, hotels, and other food and beverage related enterprises. Willi Kirsch was a passionate and hardworking entrepreneur with big dreams. He was determined to open his own business when he returned to Germany after the war. He started a gambling machine business and opened a small bar. He loved his country but somehow envisioned his sons future to be in South-East Asia.


Bernd Kirsch followed Willi’s entrepreneurial footsteps. After his studies, he opened a large restaurant and craft brewery in Germany. In the last 20 years, Bernd specialized in building, managing and consulting brewery (and other F&B projects) of all sizes worldwide, and operates under the parent company name BeerPro Import Export Co., Ltd. BeerPro has guided projects in Germany, South Korea, South Africa, Brazil, Namibia, Denmark, Samoa, and Cambodia.


One of the largest brewery projects was the Ganzberg brewery in Cambodia, which was the reason for his move to South-East Asia. Aside from that, BeerPro was involved in other projects such as the Hops Craft Beer Garden, HH Hotel, Hanuman Beverages (and more). One of the most recent projects is the establishment of BeerPro's own craft brewery, which Connor Kirsch is now leading. We are producing a variety of beverages under the brand name TwoBirds and are located inside the FACTORY Phnom Penh.



Almost every human culture has social customs associated with the consumption of distinct alcoholic beverages. Beer is a major part of our German heritage, and we are proud to share our national beverage with other parts of the world. We advocate responsible drinking, which enables individuals to enjoy the flavors, techniques, and history of brewing. Next to offering exceptional beverages, we aim to support other businesses and to spread our passion.




The Cambodian beer scene is very exciting and growing rapidly, just like the rest of the country. This motivates us to educate the public about alcohol. Cambodia really is a Kingdom of Wonder and has become our home. We are determined to use our expertise to branch out and expand our business across the whole food and beverage industry in Asia. Our focus will remain on providing quality services, creating more jobs, and sharing our passion for beverages. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the local economy and to promote opportunities for development.