BeerPro Import Export Co., Ltd.

Craft beer, draft systems, breweries and more.


BeerPro Import Export Co., Ltd. is our parent company located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We produce high-quality beverages, consult other businesses, import/export machinery, and start-up/maintain breweries worldwide. We guarantee perfection with our signature German Engineered Quality in everything we do.



- Product Development (All Beverages)


- Contract Brewing (incl. Tailored Recipes)


- Production of Brewery Systems


- Water Treatment (incl. Waste Water)


- Import and Export Machinery

- Planning & Set-ups (incl. Logistics)

- Architectural/Construction Guidance


- Equipment (incl. Tapping Counters)

- Financing


- Business Consulting (incl. Energy)


- Market and Location Analysis

- Business Plans and Presentations

- Start-ups & Support (incl. Coffee Shops)


- Maintenance (incl. Remote Control)


- Preparing Standard Procedures


- Training and Education


- Recruitment Support


- Industrial Safety Engineering